Toddlers Toys must haves

Toddler Toys Must-Haves

Toddler Toys Must-Have 2021

Keeping your toddler entertained for as long as possible is a must, especially in today’s world, where people are spending more and more time indoors. Since toddlers enjoy placing everything in their mouths, we wanted to choose toys that were non-toxic and free of dangerous chemicals. This blog contains our top must-haves as well as a link for each toy!

Wooden Blocks are a staple in every home, they must be our favorite toy on this list. It is never too early for your toddler to learn problem-solving skills, and they can develop these skills with Blocks! These are excellent in teaching toddlers hand and eye coordination.

It is unbelievable how these blocks assist toddlers in building up muscle in their tiny hands! Blocks play a vital role in your child’s developing language skills. Engineering talents are cultivated as well with the ability to explore and switch 3-D shapes!

Blocks takes the win for being a powerful way for your toddler to start learning and developing skills. Wooden blocks are the way to go if you choose to go the organic route.

Did we mention they are BPA and PVC-free? BPA and PVC are frequently used on plastic toys and contain chemicals that are not just harmful to your precious baby but for adults too!

Stacking Cups– Make sure the Stacking cups are non-toxic. Stacking cups gets your baby’s hands moving. They are also helpful in making both sides of the brain work for better development. Cup stacking can be a fun activity for your toddler; they will learn the importance of balance and get their reflexes to emerge. They are also a little easier to clean up than blocks. You can easily find these cups at most department stores.

Cube Activity Centre, is another powerful learning tool for your toddler. This toy is sure to keep your toddler busy for hours. The play cube is made from wood, and each side contains a different sensory activity. For example, one side has cut-out tracks in different shapes with slots and a toy hammer where your child will learn to sort out different shapes. It even contains sliding beads and some contain spinning gears. The toy helps develop your baby’s motor skills as well as keeps them entertained for hours.

Alpha Blocks – This wooden puzzle can do no wrong!

This is an excellent first step in having your toddler recognize their name and the letters to spell it. Having this toy will assists with boosting your toddler’s self-esteem. Just make sure they are the non-toxic type.

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