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Parenting Through Divorce. Learn the power of parenting skills needed to cope through divorce. Many parents struggle to help their children cope with the emotional pain of divorce and learning to live with Mom and Dad in two separate homes. See full details below


Parenting Through Divorce


Parenting though divorce. No parent going through a divorce needs the added stress, anxiety and worry of how their actions are negatively affecting their children.

By understanding how to minimize the negative aspects of divorce for children, knowing the typical responses of children to divorce, and working with the other parent to maintain the loving, nurturing environment that a child needs through the divorce, parents can help children to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Stressing parent co-operation and communication with regards to raising the child or children is critical, but so is being civil, respectful and positive towards the other parent with regards to their abilities to be a wonderful Mom or Dad tothe child.

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Table of Contents 

1: Relevance of Divorce to Children
2: Models of Parenting During Divorce
3: Responses to Divorce by Children

eg. Typically children will go through a grief cycle when parents divorce. Each
child, depending on their age, their personality and their ongoing contact or
lack of contact with both parents will experience divorce in slightly different

4: Age Groups and Issues
5: Communication Basics for Parents
6: Talking to Kids About Divorce

eg. One of the toughest things that most parents report through the divorce is
having to actually sit down and discuss the divorce with your child. Generally kids
need to know only what directly applies to them that would include. 

7: Common Pitfalls and Traps
8: Parenting Plans
9: Topics of Concern
10: Family Meetings


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