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Method to Stop Your Child from Being Bullied

What To Do If a Child is a Victim of Bullying at School

Bullying has been a rampant problem in our schools, spreading even to the youngest grades. No parent can stomach the thought of their children being involved in bullying, whether as perpetrators or victims. However, statistics have proven that more than half of school-going children are victims of bullying. This means that there is a good chance that you will have to deal with such a problem as a parent.

How to Know That a Child Is Being Bullied

Here are some of the signs that can help show that your child is being bullied.

  1. If the child comes home with damaged, torn, or missing clothing.
  2. If they are afraid to go to school or take part in events involving their peers
  3. Few or no friends
  4. Unexplained bruises, cuts, or scratches
  5. If they keep giving excuses to avoid going to school
  6. If they opt to take the longer routes when walking to and from home
  7. If they lose interest in their school work
  8. If their school performances show a turnaround and they start performing poorly
  9. They might also appear sad, teary, and depressed at all times

What a Parent Should Do if Their Child is a Victim of Bullying

It is important to take action once you suspect that your kid is a victim of depression. This way, you will stop the problem before it gets way out of hand for your child to handle.

The first thing that you should as a parent is trying to talk with the child. If you approach them the right way, they will open up and talk to you about it. Listen carefully and in a non-judgmental way without trying to solve the problem. Let them narrate to you what happened and how that made them feel. Do not assume that they did anything to be bullied. Also, try to inquire more about the bullies.

Kids may think that it would have been avoided if they behaved or acted differently. It is your duty as a parent to motivate them to make peace with the way they are without encouraging them to fight back. Praise them for talking to you about it.

After listening, it is time to act. You can start by contacting the parents of the perpetrator. The best way to handle this, however, is by contacting neutral parties such as teachers and counselors. This is because schools have been dealing with such issues putting them at a better position to sort out the issues. They have bullying policies and programs that will ease the process and solve it right away. If the bullying has gotten out of hand to an extent of tampering with the child’s safety, legal authorities should be contacted.

As a parent, however, the worst thing you could do is advise your child to stand up for themselves. Let them know that the best thing to do is to walk away from a bully rather than trying to stand up for themselves since it can escalate the bullying to violence and injuries.

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