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How to Stop Your Child From Bulling

How to Stop Your Child from Being a Bully

If you realized that your child is a bully, then you should give yourself a pat on the back. Admitting it is imperative since many parents deny that their sweet babies mentally torment others or physically hurt them. As a parent, we should be aware of the consequences of not disciplining our child. In states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, parents can be fined up to $500 if their child is found to be the culprit of harassing a peer. In the state of New York, parents can be given a hefty fine of $250 or even spend 15 days in the big house!  Do not fret; there are steps to take in order to stop your child from bullying others:

What are the Signs That Your Child is a Bully

Here are some of the characteristics that a bully may portray:

  • Showing aggression when dealing with a conflict
  • Always wants to ‘get even’ with others
  • Hangs around with aggressive children
  • Regularly having possessions that don’t belong to them
  • Arrogant winners and sore losers
  • Inability to engage in activities that require teamwork
  • Finds it hard to express feelings
  • Impulsivity
  • Regular conflicts with siblings
  • Find out WHY? –  Children who bully is because predominantly they are being bullied themselves. Talk to your child about bullying and ask them why they are doing it. Is someone hurting them? Is there someone pressuring them to bully? At times, a child will bully others due to peer pressure or be part of the “cool crowd.” Pay attention to YOUR parenting skills. Are you working too many hours? Does your child lack enough attention at home? This is also the best way to figure out the correct way to regulate your child.
  • Promote Empathy – Have your child understand the pain they are causing another person.  How would you feel if I made fun of your hair and clothes? How would you feel if I punched you for no reason? Make sure your child is aware of the fact that bullying

someone else may even cause the other person to commit suicide. Have your child watch documentaries such as “Bully.” There are several documentaries that they can watch about Amanda Todd as well. Amanda Todd was a Canadian teenager who sadly took her life in 2012 due to the excessive bullying and stalking she received online.

  • Give your Child Consequences- Take things away from your child. Is there a video game they enjoy? Take it away! Is there a favorite TV show they enjoy watching? Do not let them watch! Remember to be stern and not give in.
  • Pay Attention to Your child’s Online Activities- Bullying in this modern world may be even more brutal than it was twenty years ago. Nowadays, children are bullied at school, come home, and are also being targeted by bullies online. Every parent must be observant of what their child is posting on social media and track their whereabouts on the internet. Make sure they are not bullying someone from their phone!
  • Remember it Starts at Home- Helping your child become a good individual and outstanding citizen starts at home. It may seem a bit harsh to discipline your child at times, but the actions you take today will help your child develop an excellent moral foundation in the future.
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