How to stop children biting nails

How to Stop Children from Biting their Nails

Many people bite their nails at one point, especially as children. Nail Biting is considered an impulse control problem and could be complex. You may feel defeated in battling your child in this impulsive habit. There are many reasons your child could be biting their nails. We are going to dive deep into what causes kids to bite their nails, why your children should not do it, and how to stop nail biting.

Why Do Kids Bite Their Nails?

So why do kids bite their nails anyway? The answer could be from many reasons. It may be produced unconsciously, or it may be out of curiosity or boredom. Nail biting could also be from a form of anxiety. Stressful situations could cause your child to start.

Examples of this would include separation from guardians, academics, and social pressure, or even divorce. Contrary to anxiety, your child may be bitten by nails as a sense of security. Try evaluating your child to see where nail biting is being originated from.

Why you should not Bite your Nails

What if I told you biting your nails could spread germs, cause bacterial infections, warts, and bad breath? Would you believe me? It is true, all those things could potentially happen if you continuously bite your nails. These reasonings alone would make anyone cringe. Think about what your child touches daily. These simple reasonings alone would make anyone wants to stop this bad habit.

 Stress and Anxiety

To get to the root of solving your child’s problem, nail biting, we need to solve some of these stressful triggers. Treating stress and anxiety sound difficult, but it can be done. After observing what triggers your child, try to talk to them.

As an adult, you may know that having a conversation with someone may reduce your stress or anxiety. The same will go for your child having that conversation with them may solve your nail-biting problem.


Now that we have covered stress and anxiety, we are going to discuss alternatives to prevent nail biting. One of the main alternatives is to trim your child’s nails once a week, it could be beneficial to have that extra time with him or her.

Another great alternative to provide a sensory piece. Providing a teething toy, soft or hard, that they can chew, play, or rub can help alleviate the need to bite their nails.

 I know, nail biting is hard to curb, but you got this! The long-term effects caused by nail biting are not worth your time. Make sure to evaluate your child to determine if he or she needs help managing their stress or anxiety. Do not forget to try out those other alternatives.

Make sure you are trimming those nails and ensuring they are nice and clean to slow down the rate of growing bacteria. Also, check out the market for sensory stimulation products. You can find jewelry, toys, and stones. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, don’t give up.

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